For a friend whose faith is everything to them, any old gift won’t do. If you know that they’re devoted to their religion, the most meaningful gift is one that reminds them of that practice.

Yet if you don’t practice the same faith you may not be sure which religious gift ideas are best. You want to give something they’ll genuinely appreciate that isn’t overly sentimental.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing thoughtful items that are also practical.

Be Sensitive

Do you know the person well who you’re giving a gift to? Understanding someone’s past and particular anguish can help you choose a meaningful gift. You also don’t want to accidentally offend someone or cause worse heartache.

If you don’t know the person well, be sensitive. Choose a more generic gift that many people could appreciate so that you know it will be well-received.

There are many gifts specifically for Christian women, like daily devotionals, study guides, and books to read. Try to find one that gives great encouragement. Many women you know may have had experiences you don’t know about.

Make sure you know what the book is about. You can even preview it by checking it out from the library. Read reviews if you don’t want to read the book to screen it.

Look for potential sensitive topics like miscarriage, eating disorders, divorce, and other really challenging issues. If you’re giving a gift to a friend who’s just lost a baby, then you could choose a book focusing on miscarriage and encouragement for a mama’s broken heart.

If you’re not sure about specific topics, choose something a little more uplifting and less controversial.

Shop Early

When you’re looking for thoughtful religious items to give someone, you have to start early. Because religious preferences can be so vastly different, you want time to learn what your friend likes and already has at home.

As you get to know your friend, you can explore different categories of gifts. Starting early also gives you time to add extras, like personalization and lettering to make a gift more special.

Start Basic and Add Flair

Some gifts are really popular. This article gives you an idea of the top 5 religious gift categories out there!

If you’re looking for something unique, choosing something in one of those categories is a great way to do it. Then add personal touches to make it heartfelt.

A bible is a great example of a popular gift you can personalize to turn it into a unique gift. It’s a common gift for religious people, but there are so many options that it doesn’t have to be commonplace or boring.

Someone who reads their bible a lot is going to wear it out, making it harder to study. Look for a tough leather book with hefty binding if you suspect your friend will read it a lot.

If they like to write in the margins or underline passages, try looking for a Bible that encourages journaling, creative art, and writing as they study. Many women’s study bibles have lines for writing in the margins. Some bibles have coloring pages so the recipient can turn an inspiring passage into a work of art.

Wall crosses are another example of personalized religious gifts that can be both popular and meaningful. Start with the basic idea of a cross and imagine what it means to your friend. Then think about what motif would go best with their beliefs and décor.

Would a wrought iron cross work best in their kitchen or library? Is your friend a devout believer who would rather have a plain wooden cross or a crucifix?

Those are just a few ways to personalize a popular gift and make it a meaningful item for your friends or family.

Religious Gift Ideas: Consider the Situation

Make sure you think of the situation that calls for a gift before you decide what item to give and how to personalize it. The occasion can determine the type of gift you’re giving, especially when it comes to religious blankets.

Think about whether you’re offering a sympathy gift or a get well gift. Birthday gifts might warrant a different saying or symbol on the blanket than a first communion.

You might choose a 23rd Psalm blanket or a blanket depicting a famous painting of Jesus. Anything inspirational that brings peace and calm is great on a blanket for an older person who may get cold easily.

Someone in the hospital who needs extra comfort might like a blanket. Choose a comforting passage of scripture or an uplifting verse that will help them have hope in times of trouble. As quarantine makes it even more lonely in a hospital room, a blanket can help remind the person of your prayers and that they are being lifted up continually.

Donate to the Cause

Sometimes a person doesn’t need anything at all. They buy everything they need, and you don’t have any ideas. If that’s the case, take a look at what they’re passionate about.

You can make donations in their name instead of giving tangible gift items. Is there a charity that provides sewing supplies for women who can use them to make a living? That might be a great charity to donate to in honor of your grandma who’s a quilter.

Is there a charity that helps people in third-world countries plant trees for firewood and fruit/nut harvesting? Perhaps your uncle who plants new trees in his backyard every year would appreciate your donation to that charity in his name.

Choose Daily Reminders

The best religious presents are the ones that offer daily encouragement to the recipient. One-time-use gifts are nice, but the ones that they continue using every day for years are more meaningful.

Think about choosing smaller objects that will fit on a windowsill or dresser. Bible scripture cards work great for this, maybe with a small easel to set a new card on each day.

Psalm stones are another example, with etched verses on smooth stones that remind your loved one of encouraging scripture passages. They can set these near the mirror as they get ready in the morning or on a desk while they’re working to remind them of God’s love and your prayers.

Daily scripture calendars provide a new verse for every day, and devotional books can be read again the next year. These are all things they’ll keep using for a long time after the gift occasion.

Some daily-use gifts aren’t small at all. Art and paintings are larger items that they’ll see every day when they hang them on the wall. Choose prints with inspirational verses or powerful images that express religious ideas.

Art like this can also be practical. Sometimes the paintings are on everyday household items like clocks or mirrors. Your gift’s recipient will love the useful nature of the gift, as well as the comforting message it provides.

Think About What They Wear

Sometimes the best gifts are ones they can take with them anywhere. Wearable gifts work well for someone who wants more than a daily reminder. Jewelry, t-shirts, and tech accessories give the wearer a constant reminder of the comforting words of God.

Every time they look at their smartwatch band or feel the pendant around their neck they’ll be comforted. Rosaries can offer the same comfort for people to slip in their pocket and pray when they feel the need.

Promote Self Care

When someone suffers a loss or needs extra encouragement, they can forget to take care of their basic needs. If you give a gift that fills that gap, they’ll have an encouraging reminder of God’s love, as well as a reason to take care of themselves.

Give a frankincense and myrrh candle they can burn at home for some soothing aromatherapy, as well as a reminder of Christ’s birth. The calming scent is good for mind, body, and spirit.

Delicious treats come in all shapes and sizes. Many religious organizations sell baked goods, candies, jams and jellies, as well as other yummy consumables. These make great gifts for someone who already has everything and who may forget to eat or needs a decadent treat.

When you give a coffee mug with an inspirational story or verse on it, you’re promoting self-care. They can’t use that mug without making a cup of coffee or tea, comforting drinks that people forget about in the midst of a crisis or loss. Seeing the mug will remind them to brew a soothing hot beverage, and drinking out of it will remind them of God’s promises and love.

In Every Season

Providing comfort for your friends and family through gifts is no easy task. With the tips above, you can find religious gift ideas for everyone on your list.

From gifts that promote self-care to comforting blankets you can personalize, your recipient will love the reminder that you’re praying for them. Choose the perfect gift to bring joy!

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