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How To Get Your Dream Luxury Lifestyle Without Blowing The Bank

How To Get Your Dream Luxury Lifestyle Without Blowing The Bank

These days, It is almost impossible to find someone who would choose a simple life over a luxurious one.

July 10th, 2020

These days, It is almost impossible to find someone who would choose a simple life over a luxurious one. However, having the luxurious lifestyle you crave can be expensive and frustrating, especially if you do not have the money to attain and sustain such a lifestyle. That said, you do not have to let your budget stop you from enjoying a luxurious life. Here are a few ways to get a luxurious lifestyle, even on a limited budget.

Rent Over Buying

If there is a designer suit or gown you are eying, the price tag might put it out of reach. As it turns out, there is a simple way of getting designer clothing without having to spend too much; you could rent it.

There are lots of online fashion retail stores that rent high-end designer clothing at a fraction of what it would cost to buy the clothes. Rental periods usually last from a few days to several months. Renting high-end fashion clothes is also a good way to get the perfect outfit for a special occasion where you know you will only wear the item once.

Hunt for Discounts

When hunting for luxurious items, hunting for discounts, sales and promotions could save you a lot of money. A good place to find these discounts is online, where different retailers occasionally have sales and huge discounts. Discount codes can also help you save quite a bit of money on luxurious items if you know where to look.

Invest in High-Quality Designer Items

Designer items like watches and jewellery can be expensive, and this is why it is a good idea to invest in ones that you can wear over and over again. This ensures you get your money’s worth in the long run. High-quality designer items like a TAG Heuer watch last longer and have the added advantage of going with almost all outfits you have. To ensure you get these items at a favourable price, try to find deals on these items like these deals on TAG Heuer watches at Chronext. Here, you can find great deals on pre-owned watches, all of which are authenticated.

Make Sound Travel Decisions

While travelling is one way to live a luxurious life, it can be quite expensive. Airfare, hotels, and food can all add up to put luxurious travel out of your reach. Try to plan trips as a group. This way, you get to enjoy discounts and lower costs per person due to the discounts.

Another way to cut travel costs is to visit less popular destinations. There are a lot of hidden gems that are less travelled, and if you decide to venture there, you might have a satisfying trip or vacation without spending too much. For more expensive destinations, try to visit during the off-season. During these times, airfare and accommodation costs are usually heavily discounted, and you are likely to have some exotic spaces all to yourself.

Join Membership and Loyalty Programs

Different websites, retailers, and businesses will give you certain perks for being a loyal customer. For example, you might get air travel miles for using your credit card at your favorite retailers. Most of these membership and loyalty programs are free, while some of them come at a cost. A simple online search should reveal a few good options that you can join. Ensure you get the best deals for being a member, so you are better rewarded for your time and efforts.

Buy Artificial Jewellery

If you love jewellery but find your budget does not allow you to buy everything you want or need, you could opt for artificial jewellery. Some of these artificial jewellery looks so good it will fool most people into thinking you are wearing much more expensive jewellery.

Let Students Experiment on You

If there are lots of beauty schools in your area, you could sign up to become a model for the students. Many beauty schools require that students do practical exams on real people, and this is where you come in. You can get a free full-body massage or even an expensive hairdo for free or very little.

Take Advantage of Company Offers

Some companies offer trials, demos, and free samples for their new products. Some of these products are quite good, and many of them might even be out of your price range. Signing up to receive these items in exchange for a review can be a good way to get hold of luxurious items that you would otherwise not afford.

Some companies also need people to test their new products. Here, the items range from things like the latest high heels to a recently announced bluetooth speaker set. These companies only need a review or feedback about the product, which means you can end up with luxurious items at zero cost.

Keep an Eye on Online Marketplaces and Outlet Stores

Another way to live a luxurious life is by looking for luxury items on websites where people sell, buy, and bid on auctioned stuff. Here, you can find luxury items at very low prices, especially on auction websites, and if the items on sale are not in high demand.

Outlet stores are another great place to find luxury items, although these items are usually older. Many fashion retailers ship items that were not sold to these outlet stores for disposal or sale. You could save up to 70% if you decide to buy from these stores.

Try Thrift Stores

Visiting a thrift store is another great way to save on luxurious items. Thrift stores usually have a lot of different items on the cheap, which makes them the perfect place to shop on a small budget. When shopping at thrift stores, you have to be very selective so as to not buy items that are too old or that are showing their age.

Try Special Nights

Many places have special or themed nights where meals and drinks are usually heavily discounted. You could try to find high-end restaurants and pubs that have such nights to try their offerings.

Cook Restaurant Meals at Home

If you have a favorite meal that is quite expensive, why not try to cook it at home? If you know the meal’s name, it is possible to find its recipe online. Once you find the recipe, you can shop for the ingredients and make it at home. You can also set the table and dim the lights so you can set the right mood once the meal is ready.

Wait for Themed Weeks

This one is for people who live in cities that have themed weeks. A good example is restaurant week. If you have been dying to try a new restaurant that just opened, but that is too expensive for you, you could wait for restaurant week. During this week, there are usually discounts offered by the participating restaurants. You could try to find out if the one you have been meaning to visit is participating, and if it is, you get to experience what they have to offer.

Upgrade Your Room

A good way to have a taste of the luxurious life is to upgrade your room. Simple things like changing the curtains or having all-white beddings will go a long way in making your room feel a lot more luxurious.

Living a luxurious life does not mean spending a lot of money, but rather, spending it wisely. Remember that since everyone is different, their definition of luxury might be different from yours. So, find the things and experiences you consider luxurious and try to spend time and money on them.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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