It is just as important to protect eyes from the sun, as protecting the skin. find out what damage the sun can do, when you wear good sunglasses to protect against the damage and also to ensure that your sunglasses are providing the protection you require.

UV protection – most people are aware of the dangers of exposing the skin to too much sunlight, and most of us make an effort to wear sunscreen on sunny days to protect the skin from wrinkles, premature aging and skin cancer. A lot of people forget that the harmful rays of the sun also damage our eyes and lead to cataracts, eye strain and macular degeneration. This is the reason why wearing good sunglasses on sunny days is as important as wearing suncream.

When To Wear Sunglasses?

Use sunglasses on sunny days, during the majority of the day-many health advisors recommend between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. as at this time the sun rays are strongest and the eyes are most vulnerable to damage. The sun rays will be stronger, the closer you live to the equator, so the more you need to wear them.

Also be careful to wear sunglasses when taking part in snow sports, because the sun reflects off the snow, causing higher damage than the sun rays-resulting in snow blindness. If you put on goggles to ski or snowboard, be sure that this provides protection from UVA and UVB, this is also applicable to water, for those who sail or surf , sunglasses are important.

Avoid wearing sunglasses in the morning or evening when the sun rays are weak. Because the eyes need a certain level of natural sunlight to promote healthy functioning. Sunlight through the eyes stimulates the hypothalamus which regulate our body clock and our hormones, keeping us healthy, happy and energetic. Use of sunglasses can sometimes cause the eyes to become extra sensitive to light even when it is not that bright.

What kind of sunglasses to purchase?

When purchasing sunglasses, always check the label to make sure they either confirm that they provide 100% UV absorption or that they state UV400 on the label. The CE logo should be there or the kitemark logo, to show that they have been approved for sale. It is important that your sunglasses are of sufficient quality to provide the protection you require. If you wear sunglasses that do not provide protection against UV rays then it is more damaging than not having any sunglasses at all. Because the darkened lenses inhibit the eye’s natural protective function. The pupils automatically narrow in bright light to prevent too much light entering eyes, which also inhibits UV absorption- but when you wear dark glasses the pupils instead widen, if your sunglasses are not providing UV protection, your eyes will absorb more than if you don’t wear sunglasses at all.

If you are purchasing sunglasses for snow sports or surfing, make sure that they wrap and curve around your eyes, particularly below the eyes as much of the reflected rays will come from below. For driving, your sun glasses should not restrict your peripheral vision as this can be dangerous. It is important that price is not always an indication of quality. Sunglasses can cost higher but if they don’t specify that they provide hundred percent absorption or UV400 then there is no guarantee that they provide sufficient protection. Some sunglasses could cost only a few Pounds but if they specify that they provide 100% UV protection then they will provide all the protection you require.


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