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Interview | Raw Bake Station

Interview | Raw Bake Station

It is cold, we are still being hard on ourselves trying to stick to those 2018 resolutions but as the rain falls and the cold days feel like they

February 12th, 2018

It is cold, we are still being hard on ourselves trying to stick to those 2018 resolutions but as the rain falls and the cold days feel like they aren’t going anywhere – and all we are longing for as some sweet treats to divulge in whilst convincing ourselves ‘we can be good again tomorrow’ – And then we are introduced to Evie Waxman and her amazing Raw Bake Station – a reason to be bad but actually it’s all good! Sweet treats that consist of raw ingredients that taste like sin but are actually heaven on earth.

Evie, tell us how the Raw Bake Station was born?

I was travelling around Australia and I attended a workshop where we were shown how to make amazing raw food and how to make it incredibly tasty and I realised that we didn’t have anything similar back in the UK – And I fell in love with the concept of raw food! So I came home and took over my mums kitchen and experimenting my first product was a raw snickers type mint slice ‘Snutters’.

Through travelling I came across important ingredients such as ‘matcha’ It was important for me to combine my sweet tooth and being 100% healthy! and that’s how I came to give life to the ‘Raw Bake Station’ through love determination and experiences.

What is a Raw Bake Station must try

So we pride ourselves on being indulgent, extremely tasty however being incredibly low on sugar and someone who hasn’t tried raw food I would suggest the Salted Caramel Truffles or how could you resist our chocolate brownie!

What challenges have you faced being a new entrepreneur?

The business side didn’t come naturally, it was me stepping outside of my comfort zone – I am a very spontaneous person and live in the moment and now I had built this house with no foundations. So it was important for me to change my way of thinking and as much as all the numbers were scary, my hobby had become a business. And in order for it to work it required determination, effective time management and insert all my energy into something I love doing. I am naturally a creative person and for me to be creative at work by creating amazing treats is incredibly rewarding.

Who inspires you?

Family, my Dad – whose support has been monumental. I am also incredibly inspired by Olivia’s Kitchen and how she built her brand from nothing and I find her incredibly motivating

We already know you love to travel, what is your dream destination and why?

It is a dream of mine to effectively travel and work. One day I don’t want to do my own production therfore I can travel the world seeking amazing recipes and exploring food. South America and India are on the top of my list – I would love to explore the diversity the culture whilst still working!

Three things you cannot live without?

Oh! this is a tough one. Chewing gum! I’m addicted!! sugar free of course! My dog! Roller-skates or a hula hoop to keep entertained! and a journal! ok that’s 4!

Describe your style

A suit doesn’t represent a business woman and that is a fact! I always express myself with my fashion! I am a sucker for coats a statement coat over a simple outfit always makes look!

I do love comfort especially with my eventful days! so coloured leggings are a good one! teamed with my go to shoes which are my docs. As a woman you should be successful and passionate in your business with whatever you are wearing!

Describe your average day

Get up at 5:40am every day and straight to the gym and that leaves me incredibly energetic. I am in my kitchen space early! constantly making sales. Engaging on social media, being inspired by girls supporting girls! and blogging. Every day is different I have so many different tasks that I need to achieve but this is maintained with my effective time management structure.

How do you deal with a bad day?

A raw baked treat! ha! Yoga and writing in a journal reminding myself where I started and how far I have come! my why goals personally bring me back to my happy zone.

You know when you meet someone who is going to go far, a woman with so much power and energy and a passion that beams out of her. Evie is a force, with dreams of her own utensil line and e books which are just a few things she mentions for the future of her brand. The dream of changing peoples thought patterns and eating habits by introducing the Raw Bake Station workshops is where she plans to go next – we can’t help but feel that The Raw Bake Station will be a household name – and these wonderful sweet treats will be on everyone’s lips.

Here at HoC we recommend the lemon love slice. We promise you its heaven. Nothing but perfect heaven.

Find the Raw Bake Station

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/rawbakestation/

Instagram | rawbakestation

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