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Is London Safe For LGBTQ+ Travelers

Is London Safe For LGBTQ+ Travelers

At some point in our lives, we may have dreamt of visiting London and dressing up, just like other tourists and locals dressed up in the city.

May 10th, 2023

At some point in our lives, we may have dreamt of visiting London and dressing up, just like other tourists and locals dressed up in the city. London has a rich history, traditions, famous landmarks, and theaters. London has various types of entertainment for any type of tourist.

However, despite the acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community, there’s still a concern about whether or not a place is safe for LGBTQ+ travelers. Did you know that the community faces more danger than cisgender heterosexual people? The LGBTQ+ community faces more danger just because of their sexual orientation.

Thus, LGBTQ+ travelers take the extra mile to check whether their desired place to visit is safe. This page talks about London and whether it’s safe for LGBTQ+ travelers to visit or not. Continue reading to learn the answer!

What Is London Known For?

Big Ben, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge. These are just some of the famous places that London is known for. But there’s more! London is also known for its iconic red phone booths, rich history, gigantic lush parks, double-decker buses, wide-scope museums and galleries, and cosmopolitan vibes.

By name, London is the largest city in the United Kingdom and England. As mentioned, London is known for its double-decker buses, the most affordable public transportation in London. However, don’t fret because they have numerous means of transportation that can bring you to neighboring cities.

London is known for its thriving nightlife and social scene. If you want to look at what it’s like to party in the largest city in the United Kingdom that’s also accepting of the community, be sure to look for the top nightclubs to visit. Also, don’t ignore London’s great-tasting cocktails when you’re at it!

You can take the “Tube” or their train from London to Edinburgh or Bristol. If you want a change of pace and scenery from London, consider visiting Edinburgh, another city in the UK known for its vibrant diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. You can also take a tube or a plane. But taking the train is recommended if you want to look at the scenery on your trip or you just don’t mind sitting for hours. You may even get great deals on London to Edinburgh train travel wise. In direct high-speed trains, the average travel time is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

In general, the United Kingdom is a safe place for the community; they have already legalized numerous laws that concern LGBTQ+, e.g., changing one’s legal gender, employment discrimination, same-sex marriage, and many more. Brighton has one of the largest LGBTQ+ communities in the United Kingdom, but don’t fret since the following information will tell you what makes London so safe for LGBTQ+ travelers and why you should visit there.

The Short Answer: Yes, It’s Safe!

Did you know that London was crowned the fifth most LGBTQ+-friendly city in the entire globe? The political representation in London is one of the best, ensuring that every citizen in London is heard and safe; that also applies to tourists!

One of London's most popular selling points is its drinking and dancing, and there’s a club for everyone! Pick Glove is for gays who are into indie tunes and would prefer listening to Morrissey to Madonna. If you’re into watching drag queens and trans people, visit Bombshell for a Wednesday evening treat.

Are you getting tired of the nightclub scene? Don’t fret; London has so much to offer the LGBTQ+ community! You can join numerous quest sports teams, dining societies, coffee clubs, choirs, book clubs, and business networks. You can find numerous social gatherings with just a quick Google search and a walk in the streets of London. You may find a club there that suits your interests since it has something for everyone!

Furthermore, there is also a wide range of hidden gems in London. There are shops in London that sell sex toys and fetish gear specifically for the LGBTQ+

Additionally, the amount of support networks for LGBTQ+ in London is something to applaud and appreciate. Different support groups house different genders to talk about their concerns and sentiments. It offers a safe place for people who need an ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Furthermore, there are also different LGBTQ+ charities. The most notable one is London Friend, who has been providing counseling to the community since 1972. There are also networks like East London’s LGBTQ Centre that talk about the community’s history, identity, culture, sexual health, and many more. It offers advice and information to those who need it in the community.

Final Thoughts

London and all parts of the United Kingdom are accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. If you decide to visit other parts of the United Kingdom and get an Oyster card, then take this as a reassurance that your travel is safe from local discrimination. You can enjoy your travels here and visit different entertainment places in the city.

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