There’s no doubt that maintaining shiny and healthy hair requires a lot of work, but it’s not an impossible job. Unfortunately, there are many things that can affect how our hair looks. A part of it is on genetics, but the major part is on the pollution and humidity, diet, the amount of heat applied to our hair and the products we use. Luckily, everything related to hair can be fixed. With some care and little love, you will be able to style your hair however you want without worrying about the split ends or frizziness. Follow these simple tips to keep your hair healthy and nourished all the time.

Regular Trimming

There are many myths about trimming your hair. Some say that regular trimming can make it stronger and longer, others say that it doesn’t affect the hair by any means, and a few believe that chopping it off every now and then is better than trimming. So which one is true? If you’re struggling with split ends and frizziness, regular trimming is the answer. While it doesn’t affect the strength and length of your hair, it removes the damaged parts that ruin the rest of the hair strand. When you leave your split ends for a long time, it starts to take all the nutrition from your healthy hair preventing it from growing at its natural pace. In other words, regular trimming will ensure that your hair is always healthy and shiny.

Use The Right Products

Not all products found in the market are as beneficial as they claim. Some of them may even be harmful. It’s not only the shampoos and conditioners you use, it’s also the flat iron you use. Applying the wrong temperature on your hair can result in burnt hair strands and it may cause severe breakage. Based on the information found on, when getting a straightener or curling iron, you should check the temperature settings and ensure that it matches your hair type before using it. If you regularly apply heat to your hair, you should use heat protection creams as it forms a layer between your hair and the heat, preventing it from getting damaged.

Level-up Your Washing Routine

If you don’t have a washing routine, it’s time to start applying one. Start by creating a wash day. Washing your hair once or twice a week is the best way to let your scalp’s natural oils benefit your hair strands. Shampooing every day removes any oils your scalp produces, which will leave it dry and will create frizz. Add a leave-in conditioner to your routine and apply it once a week or with every wash if your hair needs it. If you feel that your hair is damaged, apply hair masks that match your hair type and leave it overnight the day before you wash it.

There are many things that you can do to protect your hair from all the damages it goes through. From brushing and washing to the food you’re eating. Just like any other part of our bodies, our hair needs the right amount of protein and vitamins. Creating a diet plan that includes all the nutrition your hair needs will keep your hair healthy. You should also look into the products you apply to your hair and ensure that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.


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