A kitchen can hardly operate efficiently without wall storage. Wall storage inside a kitchen or pantry does not just enhance the aesthetic quality of the space, but also ensures functionality. The purpose of a kitchen wall storage is not just to store things but also to support the process of food preparation and cooking easier.

Here are some important types of wall storage every kitchen must have: –

The basic overhead storage

The most common kitchen storage is the plain overhead cabinets with shutters. These are ideal to keep spice or dry food containers. They help in keeping the kitchen organized and clutter-free. When the same items are stored on open racks or shelves, it is easy to reach out for them while cooking.

However, many go for closed cabinets to make the kitchen look clean and tidy. There is the option to go for a glass shutter, laminated plywood or block board shutter and even to go for any kind of membrane shutter as per the market trend. If you need furniture to your kitchen – check Tylko’s ways wall storage

Built-in-Equipment storage

Modular kitchens have expanded the market demand for built-in cabinets. Built-in systems have pocket cut-outs in cabinets to install kitchen appliances like Microwave, Oven, Coffee makers and even refrigerators. Such cabinets are built as per the size of the appliance and make sure that the appliance becomes an integral part of the kitchen.

They ensure that no extra corner or space in the kitchen is utilized for bulky equipment. Instead, the equipment merges seamlessly with the clean lines of the kitchen and enhances the look and design of the kitchen.

Tall storages

Cleaning items, liquid bottles, crockery containers and many more items in the kitchen can be stored and organized properly in tall storage. Such tall storage can provide more space for storing items. They also provide larger space for a specific category of stuff.

Tall storage can be opened using swing shutter doors and sliding doors. They can also have drawer channels and can be pulled out like any drawer storage.

Utility storage or cabinets

Storage cabinets to serve a particular function or utility are often seen above and near kitchen sinks. Often the overhead cabinet above a kitchen sink contains mesh racks to hold wet dishes and containers.

Similarly, a lot of times the wall above the kitchen sink is used for water purifier installation, for which the wall cabinet has a cut-out below to let water drop to the sink bowl. Many kitchens have chimneys properly concealed within cabinet boxing through which the chimney pipe travels without meeting any eye.

Such storage make a kitchen function efficiently and make them look modern and well-managed.


Working in a kitchen requires management, proper planning and patience. Proper kitchen layout and design ensure that the kitchen operations will be managedwell.

However, if the storage of a kitchen remains unplanned, chances are that it will eventually turn cluttered. Kitchen planning should be done as per the number of heads in the family, the frequency of cooking, the storage needs; etc.

There is an endless number of ways kitchen furniture can be planned. Most importantly, it should be designed with a proper understanding of the need of the end user.


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