It is important to know what kind of household pests live in your area, because it will help you to identify a pest problem when it comes along. It will also save you any unnecessary stress from worrying about something when it may not even be active where you live.


If you look at a map indicating the areas where termites are most active, you will see approximately four horizontal lines flowing through the states as they appear on the map. The areas that have the highest occurrence of termite infestations are the southeastern states and the western coastline of California.

This doesn’t imply that if you live elsewhere, you have nothing to worry about. For example, if you live in the Denver area, you still have a moderate chance of having a termite infestation in your home. If termites are a possibility and you have started to see signs of a possible termite colony around your house, Environmental Pest Control Inc. of Denver can eradicate the problem before it escalates.


Scorpions are a real problem in the hot, dry regions in Arizona and surrounding states. They lurk in closets, bathtubs, and sinks but are mainly found outside. An interesting fact is that scorpions also like humidity and can be found in states such as North Carolina.

If you spy a scorpion in your garden, you should call a scorpion pest control expert to handle the problem because capturing it in a jar and putting it outside your garden is not a good long-term solution. Keep young children and pets away from it and wait for the all-clear from the pest specialist. These creatures are bad news for anyone who is outside without shoes or not watching where they are walking.

Brown Recluse Spider and the Black Widow

On average, 6 to 7 people die every year from spider bites in the U.S. They are all from an encounter with the brown recluse spider or the black widow. These nasty critters live in both gardens and homes.

The good news is that they only bite when they are disturbed. The bad news is that a spider’s definition of being disturbed is extremely flexible. It can be as simple as lifting a container or log from a woodpile where a spider has set up a nest. They are happy to live in many areas in the U.S too.

If you are thinking about moving a woodpile or garden planters in your home, be sure always to wear thick gloves.

Rats, Cockroaches, and Ants

Everywhere you go, there is a chance of having a pest problem that involves rats/mice, cockroaches, and ants. If you see signs in your house indicating any of these pests have made a home for themselves, don’t hesitate in calling a pest control company right away.

Even if the presence of these pests dies out in the colder seasons, you can be sure they will be right back when the weather begins to warm up again, so it’s best to address the problem promptly.


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