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Lessen Your Carbon Footprint by Gardening

Lessen Your Carbon Footprint by Gardening

Every time you turn on the news and every time you check social media;

September 16th, 2019

Every time you turn on the news and every time you check social media; the amount of coverage regarding climate change and climate-related disasters is equal parts scary and devastating. There has never been a better time to be proactive in your own personal fight against climate change and to work towards reducing your carbon footprint for future generations. The world is in crisis mode when it comes to climate change and global warming; so, it is essential that people start in all ways to reduce their carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Did you know that you could even lessen your carbon footprint during garden sessions? It’s true! There are ways to reduce your footprint even during gardening and those ways are what we are going to discuss today. It is time to figure out a way to save the planet and all its inhabitants – both human and animal, marine life and plant life from a planet that is worn out and tired.

Conserve Water

One way to reduce your carbon footprint through gardening is to conserve and reduce the amount of water you are using on a daily basis to moisturize your garden. If you are watering your garden daily but have a vast piece of land to cover; you may have more than one hose set up. This can be hard on water reserves as it has to be redirected to each individual hose.

Consider setting up barrels to collect rainwater for your garden and run your hose from those instead. You can also use these barrels to power irrigation systems or to fill a watering can for your indoor plants. If you have to water a large piece of land that might require more than one hose to reach – consider investing in a different piece of equipment that does the same job. First you’ll need a garden hose that is extendable. These hoses will reach larger areas by extending out into longer sections that are combined by internal washers.

Also remember, if it rained that day. You don’t need to re-water your garden as Mother Nature done it for you.

Plant More Trees

Trees are the backbone for the atmosphere as they are the biggest producers of oxygen on the planet. When trees breathe in carbon dioxide, they internally transform it into oxygen and exhale that instead. Mature trees can even inhale up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide and exhale enough oxygen for a single person to breathe for an entire two years.

Consider planting more trees around your property. It does not matter what strain of trees they are or how tall they will grow; it simply matters that you have trees somewhere in your backyard or garden to help the atmosphere. A bonus factor when it comes to planting trees in your garden and/or backyard? They form a natural barrier between your property and the neighbors, so your privacy is protected during those long summer nights you are entertaining family and friends.

Get Moving

Reduce your carbon emissions into the atmosphere by using human power whenever possible and putting up the lawn mower or weed whacker. The majority of these machines run on fossil fuels or gasoline and have an exhaust port that releases carbon dioxide into the air.

If it’s possible – use actual body power to weed your garden and trim your lawn. If this isn’t possible; then use battery operated when you can to reduce gasoline emissions. You will need to trim your lawn, and those lawn clippings actually brings us to the next tip: mulch.

Create Your Own Mulch and Compost

Instead of omitting carbon emissions and money to purchase pre-made mulch for your garden; why not make it yourself? With the right ingredients and a commitment to turning it over daily, you can have your own mulch pile right in the backyard for whenever you need it.

Mulch that is premade, while rich in nitrogen, takes a lot of carbon to make. By making your own mulch out of lawn clippings, leaves and branches, old bark, newsprint and eggshells with a sprinkle of coffee grounds; not only do you have a homemade mulch pile, you also have a homemade compost pile. This homemade mulch and compost will provide your garden with the nutrients that it needs to grow big and strong while also providing a barrier against wind speeds, temperature changes and soil containment.

Put everything into a pile and turn it over with a rake or shovel daily to allow the moisture to be absorbed into the ground. Once the mixture is dry, brown and crumbly; it is ready to use on your gardens and around tree trunks.


Carbon footprints need to be reduced all over the globe and while you may think that your small ways aren’t making a difference – they definitely are. Any small change takes something out of the emissions reaching the atmosphere and instead adds a stronger layer of protection for the Earth.

With some minor changes in your lifestyle; you too can join the fight against climate change and global warming. So why not start right at home or, more specifically, right in your garden? After all, you are already reducing your monthly bills, living a more organic lifestyle and adding oxygen back into the atmosphere by growing your own flowers, fruits and vegetables!

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.