London Luxuries: Nootropical Garden at Rockwell

The renowned cocktail bar and lounge, Rockwell, has launched the Nootropical Garden. This is a new mind-enhancing drinking and dining experience featuring natural and exotic nootropics. We sent Rachael Lindsay to check it out.

The Nootropical Garden is part of Rockwell’s Curiosity Club, a series of unique and experiential events for inquisitive guests like us. It features a food and cocktail menu using natural herbs and ingredients to restore and stimulate.

Ingredients include Ginseng, Gingko Biloba and Guarana – all renowned for their ability to invigorate.

The decor is divine with lush green foliage cascading down to red velvet seating. We sip our cocktails in quiet awe. I go for Guarana Utopia which features citrus, Amontillado Sherry and Guarana Soda. My partner tries the Eden of Gotu Kala featuring an Eastern herb which is a member of the parsley family and said to balance both hemispheres of the brain. It is laced with ginger beer, coconut oil, lime and delicious powdered pineapple.

The food is just as adventurous. I opt for a vegan curry which also features Gotu Kala as well as cauliflower, butternut squash and soothing lemon balm. Each vegetable is tender and full of flavour – far beyond what you would imagine from such simple ingredients. We also go for rosemary fries on the side for a salty kick.

I opt for an espresso chocolate mousse for dessert, topped with hazelnut sauce and caramel popcorn. Coffee arabica and cacao stimulate endorphins in the brain and boost metabolic rate. My partner tries the matcha mochi with maca and berry syrup. It delivers all the matcha antioxidants with a punchy fruit flavour.

Rockwell has put together a handy guide telling you more about each of the special ingredients on the menu. I love learning about the properties of the herbs and superfoods in each dish in a culture where we often lack information about where our food comes from. A great foodie experience right on London’s Trafalgar Square, Rockwell comes highly recommended from #TeamCoco.

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