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Lucrative Side-Hustles for Seniors That Want To Start Making Money Online

Lucrative Side-Hustles for Seniors That Want To Start Making Money Online

Lucrative Side-Hustles for Seniors That Want To Start Making Money Online

January 3rd, 2023

When most people hit their mid-50s, they start planning for retirement. With inflation and recurring recessions worldwide, more middle-aged persons are worried about what the future holds for them after they retire. Some people in this age group may choose to retire to a small life of solitude where life savings or a pension fund supports them. On the other hand, a lot of them may still find themselves working well into their retirement age.

This is nowhere more pertinent than in the US. Many senior citizens today are working small jobs even after a long career in the corporate world. There is a danger to it as this can create a labor force populated by senior citizens competing against a much younger demographic coming into the force. So what is the way forward? Should senior citizens not work or earn pay after they retire?

That is not necessarily the case. Today, the online space offers many opportunities for seniors to earn passive income. We will discuss a few of them for the topic: Lucrative Side-Hustles for Seniors That Want to Start Making Money Online. Read on…


OnlyFans is changing the game for many people in the adult entertainment scene. Many girls have found fame and success on the platform, following a path that gives them complete control over their careers. A typical example is Mia Khalifa, the popular former adult film star who dumped porn for a full-time career as an OnlyFans entertainer.

The ex-porn has claimed that making this change was liberating in many ways. She also notes that she has earned a considerably higher income within a short time on OnlyFans than she did in porn. Now, OnlyFans is not only for young people. Many mature onlyfans entertainers have gained fame on the platform as well. It can be great to earn money passively as a senior citizen in retirement.

Sell on Craigslist

Many seniors have settled well into suburban life, where they are losing more contact with the busy, commercial life of the city. To some, it is a life of bliss and freedom. While to others, the experience can be tedious, especially with grown kids all out of the house. In the latter's case, how do these seniors handle boredom and still be of value? Craigslist is one way to do that.

Craigslist makes it easy to flip used items for a pretty score. So if you’ve got a garage or basement filled with old, unused items, you can put them up on Craigslist. Newlyweds and young families are looking for layaway household items to start a home with, such as old couches, baby clothes, toys, and faulty electronics. Instead of hoarding these items, flip them for cash, and you will not only be busy, but you can also earn some good side income for it as well.

Online Tutoring

Instead of idling away with nothing to do at home, you can create a series of tutorials that you can sell online. Everyone is going online these days to learn a skill or two, and they are more than willing to pay for any valuable information. If you have some knowledge in a particular field, you can bring this knowledge to bear by creating courses on them or tutoring in your field of expertise. For example, if you practised law, you may want to consider becoming an LSAT tutor to help students at the beginning stages of their law career. 

You can upload these courses directly on sites such as Skooli, Tutor.com, and Coursera and charge people to view or download them. All of these can be done from the comfort of your home.


The big word in the digital space today is YouTube. Everyone’s on it these days. You are either binge-watching or on the content creation side of things. Either way, YouTube is a household name on the internet. In just 16 years, the platform has emerged from a simple video streaming service to a career haven for millions of people worldwide.

Today, you can start a YouTube channel in almost any niche you can think of and start publishing high-quality video content. The keyword here is “quality.” Quality and consistency are what it takes to kill it on YouTube, and you can earn ad dollars from the comfort of your bedroom.

Online Realtor

Did you know that you can run a realty business without leaving the confines of your home? Yes. People are doing that now. With your state’s real estate license, you can launch a listing website to showcase hot properties in the market. The best is that you do not even need to physically tour your listed properties whenever any potential buyer indicates interest.

From the convenience of their mobile devices or PC, interested buyers can have a virtual tour via photos and short videos. Just how seamless is that?

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Start Making Money As a Senior Today

The die is cast. Everyone’s winning these days with lucrative work-from-home jobs that afford them the convenience of doing other things they love. Check with these mentioned above and see where you fit in, and you, too, can start living the life of your dreams.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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