Freedom for your flow with ModiBodi

A revolution is brewing, and it’s shaking up the menstrual-hygiene market in one super-absorbent splash.


We know what you’re thinking, period pants sound a little…icky, but in a modern world of work hard, play hard – where bleeding women everywhere have stuff to get done, hassle free periods are more desirable than ever. Joining the menstrual cup as an alternative to traditional (and wildly uncomfortable) sanitary products, leak-lacking underwear is the new kid on the period block and they’re eco-friendly, too. Research suggests that the average female spends 12-16k menstrual products in her lifetime. As a non-degradable single use item, women are personally and unknowingly contributing the equivalent of 67k plastic bags to our oceans and landfill sites and paying over £18k for the pleasure. Depressing, isn’t it?

And that’s where ModiBodi comes in. Made with three layers of super slim fabric technology made from bamboo and Merion wool, the ModiBodi range spans from swimwear to sensual and are available for all absorbency levels, so you can pick and choose the undies which are right for your lifestyle and your flow (especially useful for those heavier days). Designed to hold up to 20ml of liquid there’s really no need for scratchy sanitary pads or tampons as additional protection, these babies have got you fully covered. The top layer fights bacteria, the middle layer absorbs and locks away fluid and the extra waterproof bottom layer keeps you super secure and leak free, always. You heard right, not one crimson betrayal.

For the eco-conscious among us, period underwear is fast becoming the more considered choice. With a production process involving oil extraction and polyethylene, it’s estimated that each pad takes over 500 years to biodegrade, causing unimaginable landfill waste, pipe blockages and ocean sewage (research found that nearly half of British women flush their sanitary items down the toilet).

This washable alternative makes for the comfiest nights and days whatever your flow, without the trickiness of menstrual cups. And with an average shelf life of two years, the initial investment (£15.15-£25 a pair) speaks for itself in the long run. The ease of sailing through the day without a panicked waddle to the bathroom is a special kind of freedom and the level of absorption is a little bit like magic. No uncomfortable shifting and readjusting necessary, just a secure, taboo-breaking approach to periods and the freedom to travel on long-haul flights and cramped, cross-country buses completely freak-out free. Not all of us manage the luxury of a period-free holiday, and those travelling for months on end will know the woes of backpacking and beach hopping along sun-soaked coastlines, where dozing in the sand poses a special kind of risk. ModiBod’s hi-tech swim technology is a suitcase must-have for lighter period days or extra back up. Water-resistant and super-fast drying, their sleek swimwear range helps to ensure endless beach bum moments whatever the time of the month.

If you’re sick of staining your best underwear, striving to take an environmentally friendly approach and quite frankly, would like a more comfortable female existence, these sassy wide-fronts will change your period game for good.

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