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Retox to Detox at the South Place Hotel

Retox to Detox at the South Place Hotel

South Place Hotel is offering a new Detox and Retox package and Team Coco checked it out to see if it was worth the hype.

August 10th, 2022

These days, it’s rare to come across something that makes you think – ‘why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?’ which was exactly the case with South Place Hotel’s new Retox to Detox package. Team Coco ventures into the buzzy City to see if South Place Hotel’s new package is worth the hype (spoiler alert: it is)

If you’ve ever gone out out over 30, then you must try South Place Hotel’s new Retox to Detox package. City’s most vibrant boutique hotel has teamed up with Vitamin Drop specialists Get A Drip to offer the ultimate party-weekend experience for partygoers whose hangovers have worsened with age.

No need to sacrifice a whole weekend binge-watching the latest reality show after a night out, because South Place has created the solution with its Retox and Detox package.

South Place Hotel is artsy, cool, vibey and effortlessly so. A destination within a destination, South Place Hotel Is conveniently located to all of Shoreditch’s hipster haunts and the City’s sky-high bars – a perfect base for a night out. Not to mention, the hotel’s Secret Garden – which opens every Friday from August – is also an excellent spot for cocktails with guest DJs adding further allure.

We checked into one of the studio suites, one of the 80 stylish bedrooms in South Place Hotel. The suite was stylish, spacious and had plenty of delightfully clever amenities that we didn’t know we needed in our lives until right now. The BNO TV, for example, can be spun around remotely. No need to fumble with HDMI wires, because you can connect your laptop to the TV straight from the desk. The minibar, if you can call it that, contains a fabulous selection of artisanal gins and spirits – perfect to get the party started.


There is also an in-room ‘Black Book’ Party Guide which gives you the low-down on the coolest late night spots this side of East London. We were also greeted with some champagne and delicious fruits – perfect to set the pre-game mood.

Package guests can enjoy a complimentary Tanqueray Gin cocktail at the hotel’s buzzy 3 Bar in the lobby, but we recommend also having a cocktail (or two) at the rooftop terrace just before sunset. We promise that you won’t get better views of the City.

For dinner, check out South Place Chop House’s new summer menu. Led by Head Chef Jack O’Riley, there’s plenty to chew on here (pun intended). From the generously sized Large King Prawns starter, which is cooked with chili, garlic and parsley butter to the Cobble Lane Charcuterie-board which offers Cappa, Lomo, Salami and Chorizo with a creamy celeriac rémoulade.

The star of the show is of course the Josper grill. Here, you can enjoy a selection delicious, juicy grass-fed steaks. Each cut is carefully aged, succulent and works perfectly well with a variety of delicious sauces and sides. They say a good meal is a precursor to a good night out, and so after our delicious dinner at Chop House – we danced the night away in East London.


Going ‘out out’ often results in dehydration, headaches, and a general fatigue -which gets worse with age. Don’t fret – because South Place Hotel comes to the rescue with the detox part of the package. Start with a hearty breakfast the Chop House, followed by a Vitamin Drip treatment in your room.

Get A Drip is London’s top IV clinic and offers different drips depending on your needs. We went for the Energise drip, but you can also opt for Hydration Immunity or Detox. The IV Drops are administered by a certified nurse – and will not just give you a post-drip boost of energy, but leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and energised for up to four weeks after your treatment.

Once properly detoxed, South Place Hotel takes the relaxation further with a one-hour full-body massage at the Wellness Centre, so you can banish the aches from the night before. Believe us – once you check out of the South Place Hotel – you’d be asking yourself ‘where has this been all my life?’