Dressing up for different occasions requires some serious thinking and planning, especially for men who need to attend formal events like weddings, anniversaries, or business gatherings. Such moments need semi-formal to formal suits and attire. While you may already own a few pairs of suits and shoes, the next crucial thing to do is come up with the perfect pair.

Choosing the right shoes for your suit is imperative to creating a good impression among your acquaintances and friends. Strive hard to come up with the perfect suit and shoe combo, so you’ll have that well-put-together look for such an important event.

Here are some tips to consider to help you with your suit-up journey.

  1. Understand The Occasion

Before deciding which suit to wear to an event, it’s essential to determine what kind of suit the occasion calls for.

Men’s suits range from casual to smart-casual and formal. When you know and understand the event, you can finally decide what suit is perfect for it. And when you can choose the suit, you’ll be able to select the ideal shoes.

Therefore, according to bespokeunit.com, understanding the occasion for which you dress is crucial to helping you ascend the social ladder. When you’re dressed up for the event, everyone will realize how much effort you’ve made to make yourself sleek and well-respected.

  1. Choose A Suit That’s Suitable For The Occasion

There are many ways to look ten times better in suits, but the first step is to be dressed for the occasion. If you’re wearing the right suit, you’ll feel perfectly confident. Whether you own a one-suit-fits-all-occasions or you have different pairs of suits, you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right pair that’s well-intended for the event.

It would help to check the details of an invitation to determine whether the party is a casual, semi-formal, or formal event. While you shop for suits before attending any party, go for the most traditional color options so you can easily wear them more frequently. At the same time, neutral tones are also easier to pair with different shoe colors. You can further enhance the looks with red bow ties.

  1. Mix And Match The Right Suit And Shoes

The next step is the most crucial one, which is the process of coming up with the final output for your event’s outfit. Here are some must-own suit colors, and check out the different shoes that will look great with them:

  • Navy Suit

As far as the color options for suits go, navy is one that you should save space in your closet for. An alternative to formal black suits, navy suits are perfect for work, weddings, and other formal events.

They’re also pretty easy to pair with different shoe colors. For instance, the color brown is well-intended to complement its darkness. Choose any shade of brown, and you’ll discover that both navy and brown look great together.

  • Gray Suit

Navy blue suits may be more formal, but gray suits are just as flexible. What makes this a popular choice for men is that it can be worn with a variety of shoes. It works well with black, brown, and burgundy shoes. Gray suits can be worn in different ranges, from casual to formal.

There are also different shades of gray that start from the lightest shade, which is excellent for wearing during spring or summer. Pair it with the most comfortable and stylish dress shoes for men, and you’re good to go. They may have patterns on the fabric if you intend to look more fashionable.

Medium gray suits are also an ideal choice that can be paired with black shoes. Finally, you have dark gray suits that are the middle tone between black and gray. They can be worn with brown or burgundy shoes, and they’re perfect for any formal event.

  • Black Suit

All men should have at least one well-tailored black suit in their closet, which is the most traditional of all suit colors. Although a black suit can be paired with light-colored or color-contrasting shoes, some men find it hard to pull off this look. To be safe, it’s best paired with black shoes.

You can go for leather, oxfords, or suede. Wearing all black will allow you to look as elegant and masculine as ever.

  • Blue Suit

Paler blues complement paler shades of brown, much like navy suits and brown shoes. No matter what shade of blue your suit is, consider tan leather or suede instead of darker hues to complete the smart-casual aesthetic on any given occasion.


There are basically no strict and rigid rules for pairing suits and shoes. However, it’s crucial to come up with an outcome that successfully complements one another.

Hopefully, this guide has shed some light so you can better understand how to pick the right color shoe for your suit style based on its color. Your outfit can still work if you wear your shoes and suit with confidence, and your overall style matches the occasion.


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