Stop worrying about failure and start living your life

Let’s talk about the F word, failure. However you square it off in your head failure is painful and can knock your confidence. The more skilled you get at dealing with it, the less you’ll worry about failure and start living your life because the more we worry about failing the less risks we take and nothing ever changes if you always do the same thing. Avoiding failure is the biggest failure of all because its worse to have never tried at all. Here’s how to stop worrying about failure and start living your life.

Get present

Worrying comes from living in the future and second guessing what is going to happen. The more you live in the moment and focus on the present the less likely you’ll spend time worrying about failing. Practicing meditation or being mindful is a great way of being present, try and build daily habits that help you be more present.

Reframe failure

Changing the way you view failure can make it easier to deal with. Failure brings us closer to success so reframe failure as a steppingstone to success and achieving your goal.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Fear of failure can cause paralysis and stop you from doing anything. Nothing good comes out of comfort zones so allow yourself to feel a state of discomfort and take a chance by doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Our mind likes familiar situations and when we try new things or think differently it becomes worried but the more you expose yourself to uncomfortable situations the mind gets more familiar with it and worries less.

Start small

Start by taking small calculated risks and gradually your confidence will grow pushing you further to do new things.

Own your failures

Being accountable and honest shows you are responsible and have integrity. When you are responsible you have the power and ability to learn, grow and make changes.

Failure helps build resiliency

Failure forces you to rethink, reconsider and find new resources which helps us bounce back quicker.

Use your energy where it will make an impact

Worrying burns a lot of energy and we only have a finite amount of energy each day so channel it into the good stuff, the things that are going to make an impact on your day and life.


Anji McGrandles

Anji is a wellbeing entrepreneur and coach, working with businesses, brands and individuals on their wellbeing strategies, goals and training. Anji is committed to helping individuals change their life and mindset through teaching healthy practices and creating a personal action plan for long term resilience and confidence. She love travel, food, sports and wellness.

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