Tennis tournaments are extremely popular throughout the year. A huge assortment of games gives a lot of betting options. Before you place your very first bet on a tennis event, you may read ggbet review as a trustworthy betting platform.

Tennis Odds

Odds aims to determine the amount of money you can win from a potentially successful bet. Tennis odds exist in three different ways: decimal is (Europe and across the UK), fractional (Ireland and the UK), moneyline (across North America). No matter how informed a tennis bettor is, he/she is inclined to human errors. Thanks to probability laws, you will have an adequate chance of predicting the possible outcome.

Betting Strategies

The popularity of tennis has formulated a lot of effective strategies. Most of them are combined with the classic “Catching Up” technique, which doubles up each subsequent bet if the previous one is lost. Moreover, there are systems specially adjusted to live betting on tennis. When you can choose suitable events during the game, you can use one of the following strategies:

  • Bet on a serving tennis player with a coefficient above 3.0.
  • Bet on a player’s victory in the third set.
  • Bet on matches with the absolute favorite and outsider according to a coefficient of 1.45-1.65;
  • Bet in a live mode where one of the games has the probability score of 40-40.

How to Analyze Tennis Matches

With the efficient pre-match analysis, you can come up with more accurate predictions. The main point is that you don’t need to study the entire history of tennis. You just need to analyze the individual components of an upcoming event. Due to the specifics of tennis sport, the participants’ physical form is a crucial factor in predictions. In addition, it is important to analyze the nature, physical characteristics, and game preferences of a tennis player influencing the game’s manner.

Tennis Players Physical Form

Even if you know the participants of the upcoming tennis event, you should still pay attention to the detailed research and analysis before the actual betting routine. Before the match, check out the information on the current physical form of the tennis player. Has he/she recently won the last series of matches? Has he/she had an easy victory in the last match? It is also crucial to find out the tennis player’s playing style, especially:

  • Whether he/she focuses on attacking or only defending strategies;
  • Whether he/she is left-handed or right-handed;
  • Whether he/she misses tiebreaks;
  • Whether he/she can manage difficult games, sets, and matches.

Even the player’s private life matters when it comes to winning matches. If a tennis player had some emotional experiences on the day before, it is unlikely that he/she will do his best on the upcoming game.


The tennis players’ game quality may differ from one event to another. You should not rely on the ratings. Instead, you should focus on the tennis court coating. There are four types of modern tennis court coating: soil, carpet, grass, and hard. If a tennis player wins a few matches in a row, it doesn’t guarantee your success on the carpet or on the grass. The major difference in coating is the rebound of the ball, which estimates the nature of the tennis player’s game. For example, a technical tennis player demonstrates a better performance on the soil, while a powerful serving player plays better on the grass.

Personal Meetings and Motivation

Whether you make tennis live or pre-match bets, you need to check out the availability of previous personal meetings of tennis players. Usually, every tennis player has his uncomfortable rivals. They may even have some differences in rating, although one of them may play better in a duel against each other.


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