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#TeamCocopup: Savage Garden’s new Doggy Brunch

On a rainy spring Sunday, TeamCoco pup Charlie made his way to the Double Tree by Hilton to attend the inaugural doggy brunch at Savage Garden.

On a rainy spring Sunday, TeamCoco pup Charlie made his way to the Double Tree by Hilton to attend the inaugural doggy brunch at Savage Garden. What pup-tactic debauchery ensues? Read on to find out.

With 360 degree views of the city, opulent decor, and a stylish outdoor deck, Savage Garden is undeniably one of London’s best rooftop bars. You can only imagine our excitement, when we were told that Savage Garden London was opening its doors to pups and pooches all over the city for a very special doggy brunch — and it definitely did not disappoint.

In the lobby of the Double Tree Hilton, Charlie TeamCocopup Gillies met up with fellow TeamCoco pup Stanley Delf, for an unforgettable afternoon of doggy brunch. We all made our way up the elevatorand into Savage Garden’s swanky entrance hall, where we were immediately greeted with VIP treatment. (that’s Very-Important-Pooch treatment) The doggy brunch was launched in collaboration with British pet accessory brand, Hiro + Wolf, who treated the furry VIPs with a bag of treats and goodies.

Inside, there were pooches a plenty, as the VIPS made their ways to their respective tables. Amidst Savage Garden’s opulent decor and stunning views of the Tower of London, puppies and parents alike were chatting away, and taking in the lush scenery. Once we all settled in, we enjoyed some of Savage Garden’s perfectly crafted cocktails, while perusing their contemporary brunch menu. We recommend the ‘Flambard Colada,’ a rum and pineapple conception inspired by the Tower of London’s first prisoner, Ranulf Flambard. The ‘Horny Beast’ is also a great option for gin lovers, as this Beefeater Pink gin number is delicious, and also certainly packs the punch.

On the food front, the menu is as innovative as it is delicious, and is far removed from a traditional brunch menu as can be. We tried the Panko chicken cutlet, and the beetroot salmon, with a side of Plantain chips — a seemingly random combination of food, but all working together in perfect harmony. A testament to the excellence of Savage Garden’s kitchen crew. Don’t think that the pooches were left out, because Charlie and Stanley also got to enjoy their own organic cupcakes, which were so good even the paper got eaten.

Serendipitously, we ended up sitting beside the Double Tree Hilton’s General Manager, and her own adorable pooch. We talked about how the idea for the doggy brunch stemmed from her love of her own dog, and it became exceedingly clear why this particular doggy brunch has been so well executed. It’s because it’s something that came from theheart of a loving paw-rent too.

The next Savage Garden Doggy Brunch will take place on Sunday May 5, 2019. To reserve your table visit www.savagegarden.co.uk or call 020 7709 1043.