When you think of taking a casino holiday, what’s the first destination that springs to mind? We’re certain its Las Vegas; in fact, we’re so certain that we’d put a bet on it! Sin city is certainly famous for its bustling casino establishments, spinning slots reels and Roulette tables, glitz and relentless glamour. You’re guaranteed the time of your life in Las Vegas that’s for sure, but its dominance in the casino industry sometimes means that alternative destinations are overlooked, and some of these can be just as impressive and entertaining for an unforgettable casino holiday. Stick with us as we explore a few, and if you’re saving the pennies for a trip in the future, in the meantime you might want to play a few hot casino games at the next best place: leading online casino sites.

1. Bahamas, The Caribbean

If you have the money, The Bahamas is a destination that most certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Home to an extensive range of luxury casino establishments and varied gambling options, it is the idyllic setting for gambling, fine dining and drinking cocktails. Enjoy the perfect weather and sensational views, while enjoying the delights of venues such as the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Simply perfection.

2. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo has a significant place in the history of gambling, with age-old casinos and one of the destinations where the original versions of Roulette began to gain popularity. The glamorous holiday spot is still home to the fascinating Monte Carlo Casino which is 157 years old (built 1863).

3. Macau, China

Macau is third on our list as a top gambling hotspot. Gambling is not legal in much of China, and so many flock to the Macau region where the casinos, nightlife, shops and restaurants never sleep. Not for the faint-hearted; prepare for excitement aplenty and very little sleep on a truly memorable trip to Macau.

4. Sun City, South Africa

Gambling has become legalised in some areas of South Africa, and Sun City resort has become a hotspot for keen casino players to flock to. Combine spotting South African wildlife while enjoying high class casino entertainment and dining at this beautiful destination.

5. Montego Bay, Jamaica

It was 2008 when Jamaica legalised gambling and the casino scene has been growing rapidly ever since. There are a number of luxury resorts offering casinos and gaming lounges, plus beautiful scenery at this stunning destination.

6. Aruba, The Caribbean

White sands, crystal clear ocean and an enjoyable casino game sounds like the perfect combo. doesn’t it? Well you can have all this in Aruba; the stunning Caribbean holiday destination. Relax in the sun during the day, enjoy a fine dinner and head to the brilliant casinos for a long evening of fun and entertainment.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer the dazzling bright lights of the city or the sandy white beaches of the Caribbean, there is the perfect gambling destination for you. Which casino vacation is next on your list?


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