New to the wellness scene is The Body Lab. Located in West London, the brand is pioneering a new and unique health offering to empower people’s lifestyles. Exclusive to the UK, the facilities have been expertly curated to meet the rise in demand for those looking for optimal health that’s intelligent, informed, and more connected than ever. From the Hyperbaric Hydroxy AirPod that speeds up the body’s healing process, the first of its kind in the UK, and the coldest whole body Cryotherapy Dual Chamber in Europe at -110 degrees Celsius, to enhanced recovery treatments such as the Float Tank, The Body Lab London is set to disrupt the luxury wellness market.

Overseen by industry professionals in the vibrant atmosphere of an expert-led facility, the state-of-the-art therapies are designed to improve the body’s ability to perform and recover at its best. The treatment benefits include reduced inflammation and oxidative stress, accelerated fat loss, increased metabolism and stimulation of collagen production. The company vision is to offer the most comprehensive and holistic journey to optimal health currently available on the market.

The Kensington HQ screams the kind of luxury synonymous with a five-star hotel, Dyson hair tools and ADEM hair and skincare products feature in the changing rooms. The Wellness Lounge has been designed as a relaxation area to enjoy the range of premium coffees, protein shakes and juices.

High-end fitness equipment has been carefully selected from leading industry brands to create a world-class gym facility, including Prime Fitness, Atlantis Strength, Watson, Eleiko, Keiser and Technogym. Bespoke personal training is offered as standard across all membership packages and is unlimited with The Body Lab London’s Signature Membership package. There’s also an on-site podcast room where expert guests will be dropping in to discuss all things wellness and keep members updated with the latest news. The facility itself features the highest standard of air purification and ionisation plus lighting that mimics the body’s natural circadian rhythm (i.e. warm in the morning and evening, cool in the day). Every sensory factor has been considered from the music to the scent in the air, to optimise training performance.

John Attard, Managing Director of The Body Lab London says: “The Body Lab London is the ultimate premium lifestyle experience that will revolutionise the wellness and fitness sector and we’re excited to be providing facilities and treatments like no other. All of our therapies, programs and expert-led initiatives are scientifically proven, and we’re excited to be offering some of these for the very first time in the UK, combined with state of the art facilities and leading innovations.”

The Body Lab London has the wow factor as well as the expertise and tech to take your wellbeing to the next level.

Membership packages range from £5,000 – £18,000 per annum. For more information visit The Body Lab London

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