The C-Word: No Nonsense Gift Guides, The Magpie

It’s the festive season which means booze flavoured coffees (Nero’s amaretto latte, hello my friend) and sequins are acceptable items to drink / wear for breakfast al desko. The dark mornings and even darker evenings mean we all need a little help to feel sparkly and not punch that guy for manspreading on the train.

Enter these small biz jewellery picks to gift to The Magpie – or for you, but you’re only permitted to self-gift if you sing the ‘Shiny’ song from Moana while purchasing.

Hep Audrey:

Hep Audrey’s tagline is ‘To be your sparkly best’ and with these garnet snowflake earrings, your sparkly best is going to be the Snow Queen, but a nicer version, so – let’s say- Elsa when she thaws out?!


They look so much fancier than the £60 price tag would infer so get some for you and your bestie and make them grovel to you forevermore. Alright, maybe it was the Snow Queen…





Kate Gwilliam Embroidery: 

Okay, you can go home now. Christmas has been won by Kate Gwilliam and her ‘bar’, hand embroidered, christmas decorations.

Kate has been embroidering all her life and completed a textile degree which enabled her to pursue it full time. Her focus is on ‘making embroidery contemporary, fun and a craft/skill/art discipline that people appreciate.’ Her embroidery machine is called Suzy and is about 80 years old. Enough said.

Is there gin involved in the art of embroidery? If so, count us in!


Anna Willatt

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