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The Secret Garden Spa: A Hidden Gem Nestled in The City of Budapest

Indulge in relaxation, at The Secret Garden Day Spa, one of the most unique spas in Europe. Located in Budapest’s Mystery Hotel, the interior of the beautiful eclectic building is a real enchanted Baroque garden, where you can relax under magnificent fountains and huge palm trees. While you’re relaxing in pure tranquility, imagine being at one with nature, surrounded by palm tree wallpaper, huge garden plants, and a hot tub shaped like a greenhouse.

The Secret Garden Day Spa features a sauna, a steam room and a jacuzzi, along with beds to relax, a gym if you want a pre-workout and help yourself to refreshments or book in one of the many massages the spa offers. Sitting in the whirlpool, affords a stunning view of the palace’s full facade and hundreds of candles of crystal chandeliers.

This is one of the most luxurious spas in Budapest, and as it’s a hidden gem, it’s not known to many tourists mean you can relax in ultimate serenity.

More about the Mystery Hotel

Situated in the centre of the city, in the 6th district, this eclectic palace was built by the Hungarian Freemasons in the 19th century. As the life of the Freemasons was full of mystery and mystique, so is the hotel; shrouded with legends and secrets.

A great hot spot for tourists to stay while adventuring the Hungarian city, Budapest’s main attractions, such as Parliament, Heroes Square, Andrássy út, and the Basilica are also within walking distance of the hotel.

Explore more at https://www.mysteryhotelbudapest.com/

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