Three Easy Sustainable Foodie Swaps

Thinking about picnics, BBQs and cooking up a storm ready for summer 2021? [...]

Thinking about picnics, BBQs and cooking up a storm ready for summer 2021? Do it without costing the earth with these three easy sustainable foodie swaps.

Swap plastic bottles for cans with Feel Good Drinks

This one is such an easy swap and perfect for a picnic. Ditch the plastic bottles and go for a refreshing Feel Good can instead.

With three delicious flavours, Peach & Passionfruit, Rhubarb & Apple and Raspberry & Hibiscus, all contain less than 27 calories per 330ml can and are suitable for vegans.

Each can is made with at least 75% recycled aluminium. That’s not all, this planet-friendly brand donates 3% of sales to a People & Planet fund to ensure that it continues to give back to both the environment and society.

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Swap clingfilm for beeswax wraps with The Beeswax Wrap Co.


Just like plastic straws, clingfilm is a single-use plastic and, because it is difficult to recycle, most of it in the UK ends up in landfills. There is such an easy eco-friendly solution to keeping your food fresh: beeswax wraps.

We like the ones from The Beeswax Wrap Co because they are long-lasting and so pretty! The company is also female-led, independent and all about zero-waste. They also sell vegan wax wraps for those who want to avoid animal products. You can wrap your leftovers up, make bread last longer or even keep a wine bottle fresh with these handy wraps.

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Swap takeaway coffee cups for a KeepCup


One of our favourite reusable cup brands is KeepCup because they are barista standard and come in so many varieties. Also the size is perfect for a flat white! Many cafés are starting to accept re-usable cups again and fingers crossed all will accept them over the next few months.

After just four uses, a KeepCup Thermal has lower carbon emissions than a compostable single-use coffee cup. Considering how much most of us enjoy a latte or even just a cuppa, this can be an impactful and easy way to tread more lightly on our planet.

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