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WAKE UP HERE: B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa, Zurich  

WAKE UP HERE: B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa, Zurich  

Switzerland is one of the most stunning countries in the world, with mountains and lakes, hiking and kayaking, adventure and relaxation.

January 3rd, 2020

Switzerland is one of the most stunning countries in the world, with mountains and lakes, hiking and kayaking, adventure and relaxation. And if you want a city that is going to deliver all of these things and more, Zurich is the place for you.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is located in north-central Switzerland at the northwestern tip of Lake Zurich, where in the summer you can find locals swimming in the lake, having a picnic and taking part in an array of water activities. And in winter you can find mulled wine, Christmas markets and fondue.

In Zurich, everything revolves around the water, but of course there are also many cultural elements to this city, including the Swiss National Museum, the Kunsthaus and newer Theater 11 in Oerlikon.

For a trip to Zurich, no weekend break is complete without a stay at B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa. Located in the former Hürlimann brewery, B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa is a quirky hotel, boldly designed around the old brewery. And the hotel is perfectly located in the Enge area, making it a great stay for my weekend in Zurich. BONUS: It is only a ten minute tram journey away the main streets and Lake Zurich.

The hotel is sprawled across three buildings, and four-storeys, with 60 rooms for guests to enjoy. In what was once the mash house is now a sprawling lobby with lush sofas, roaring fire and tables held up by books.

And the best bit?! Just behind the lobby is The Library where over 33,000 books are placed across three 36-foot tall walls. The style of the hotel is where luxury meets industrial, and I loved how they incorporated small elements of what the building used to be, set against plush fabrics.

The rooms are all bright and spacious, and our beautiful room was known as the Hürlimann Executive Room, with large king-side bed, open bathroom and direct access to the spa. The room had a gorgeous airy feel, with white curtains, beautifully high ceilings and oak wooden flooring throughout.

And much like the lobby, the bedrooms, had an air of effortless style, from the books on display above the bed, to the brass pendant lighting. The bathroom was an exhibitionist’s paradise with glass walls, that looked on to the room and a rainfall shower to feel refreshed before a day of exploring Zurich. As I entered my bedroom, I quickly fell in love with the oak flooring and signature armchairs. My room feels luxurious and comforting, and each design element gives me a calmness I haven’t experienced before. Of course, I already expected the standard amenities such as a television, a minibar, and a coffee-making area, completing any tourist’s hotel stay.

This was not just a hotel either, and on the top floor and basement levels of the hotel, you can also find the award-winning B2 Boutique Spa, with two areas for guests to enjoy. Upstairs there is a rooftop hydrotherapy pool, with views across the city. And then downstairs there is a low-lit network of basement-level caverns set with wood-panelled baths designed to look like barrels, a dark meditation pool, foot baths, heated loungers and an array of Roman-Irish baths, where you can spend a whole day if you follow their recommended treatment.

The spa is owned by a separate company, but hotel guests get reduced rates and get private access before 9am in the morning. At times it got quite busy up on the roof, so it’s worth rising early for to really experience everything the spa has to offer. Indeed, waking up at B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa is an extraordinary experience. The place is unique and magnificent, perfect for relaxing and sleeping after a day tour in Zurich. Enjoy the luxurious ambiance, accommodating staff members, and rejuvenating spa treats.

I also enjoyed the delicious breakfast buffet they served each morning here. I was excited when I started drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages at the Wine Library with perfect pairings, including beef burgers and pasta. The excellent food and drinks with great people around can complete any tourist’s Zurich experience.

Many accommodation options are available in Zurich, depending on your personal preference and budget. For apartment stays in Zurich, visit Homelike at https://www.thehomelike.com/search/apartments/zurich.

The Swiss National Museum is only more or less two kilometers from the hotel and about three kilometers away from the University of Zurich. Its proximity to the university and other amenities makes Homelike an accessible accommodation for tourists, guests, and international students.

For more information or to book your stay, please visit https://www.b2boutiquehotels.com/



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