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Which Are The Most Crucial Camping Essentials ?

To spend a week outdoors can be amazing and adventurous.

To spend a week outdoors can be amazing and adventurous. Normally, a good or bad camping experience comes down with just one factor- what you have packed or have not packed for the trip. To have the essential camping items in your backpack means a restful vacation among the trees otherwise ride to the nearest emergency room. Whether you are a survivalist or a first time camper, you should not leave your home without the items which are the must haves for a nature outing. If you are a beginner then Check out Camping Pursuits to know what are the things essential for camping in the wilderness.

Sleeping Bag- It may sound like fun to rest on a bed of moss and leaves but it won’t keep you warm when the sun goes down and it’s dark. Temperatures drop significantly at night, sometimes more than 20 degrees. Also keep in mind that many of the insects are most active at night and may chance upon your body. If you go without a sleeping bag you may risk an uncomfortable night sleep at best, exposure at worst. And if you are going camping with your kids, without a kids sleeping bag you know that they will turn and toss all night.

Tent – Even if you like slumbering under the stars, always have a tent or other emergency shelter on hand, just in case. Otherwise midnight deluge, heavy dew, freak snowstorm will definitely leave you drenched, miserable and it may risk hypothermia.Tent shields you and your gear from high winds also. Whether you choose for a two person tent, a twelve person tent or a cabin style tent you should make sure that you bring with you, all of its necessary accessories like tent poles, stakes , rope and rainfly.

Water Filter And Canteen – Water is necessary for survival in the outdoors, and further off the beaten path you go, the more quickly it runs out. The last thing a Camper wants is to be stuck without a fresh supply of water, since drinking from a lake or a pond can cause serious illness due to the bacteria present in their water. Even if the wilderness you are going into is just a few feet from your car, carry a day’s supply of wet stuff in a large container. Keep water purification or a filter in hand, in case you have to refill from a nearby water body.

Fire Starter – Camping is not camping without a crackling, warm campfire so you need the tools to get one started quickly. Campers start fires with steel and a flint , matches, cigarette lighter or magnesium fire starter. If you are taking matches, you should be sure that they are waterproof. A good idea to pack two fire starters in case one fails. You can take along a little kindling like dry bark or strips of newspaper in a water proof container. To find dry kindling in the outdoors when you need it can be a challenge.

First Aid Kit – It is rare that you experience life-threatening injury while camping, but a long day of hiking can result in blisters that require bandaging, but getting a London Ontario CPR and First Aid Course beforehand would be a plus. Small cuts and scrapes can quickly get infected if they are not treated, so keep antiseptic and bandages on hand. The first aid kit should have other necessities like adhesive, scissors, soap , gauze , a CPR mouth barrier and an emergency whistle. Be sure you carry the bottles of sunscreen and insect repellent also. Sunburn and bug bites can result in ending up your trip quickly.

There are many other things along with the ones mentioned above which you should have in your backpack like a pocket knife, a navigation tool, a rain jacket, flashlight and toilet paper. These are the items that one needs for a successful camping trip.