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Talking Yoni Eggs and alchemizing negative into positive with Star, founder of The Woman Whole

Here at Team Coco, we adore embracing the more spiritual side of life, challenging our preconceptions and expanding our understanding.

Here at Team Coco, we adore embracing the more spiritual side of life, challenging our preconceptions and expanding our understanding. We recently sat down with Star Brodie, founder of The Woman Whole, an online boutique that specialises in beautiful crystal yoni eggs.

What’s a Yoni Egg, you ask? Well, read on as we were not ashamed to ask that important question…

* Star would like to note that throughout this interview the term “woman” is used as an inclusive and intersectional term, representing individuals who were born, assigned, and/or identify as a woman and whose experiences represent various and unique cultural backgrounds, social systems, and challenges.*

HOC: Hi Star! Let’s start with the trickier one, what’s your elevator pitch for your business?

Star: Thank you, I’m so happy to be doing this interview! My name is Star Brodie, and I am the owner of The Woman Whole, an online boutique that specializes in luxurious crystal yoni eggs. Through this platform, I invite women who wish to know themselves on a more intimate level to dive deeper into self and to connect with their inner goddess by providing tools and resources that encourage self-love and discovery. Receiving a package from The Woman Whole is an enchanting experience, and people are raving about the love and attention that shines through. Visit www.yoniegg.life/shop and find your special treasure today!

HOC: Can you tell us about your personal background and your journey to running your business?

Star: I grew up in a home that embraced magic, and crystals have always been a part of my environment. When I was eight years old, I received my spiritual initiation and began this ever-evolving journey that has led me to where I am today. I have always been fascinated with the concept of the cosmic egg and the symbology of the egg in general. In 2011 I dreamt of a cosmic bird releasing millions of golden eggs onto the earth as she flew through space. A year later, an elder who I hold in high esteem shared her vision that confirmed my dream that these cosmic eggs were coming to earth to restore balance and bring healing. It was at this time that I began to develop a deeper relationship with the divine feminine, with myself, and with the crystal yoni eggs. This energy grew into a magnetic pull, and I felt the universe calling on me to help birth these eggs into the world.

I am also proud to have integrated this passion into the academic world. I graduated from Eastern Oregon University (Magna Cum Laude) with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with Minors in Anthropology/Sociology and Psychology. My culminating essay and final works, which received high honours, were directly connected to the work that I do and focused on the disestablishment of menstrual shame and the importance of female sexual sovereignty, and examined the yoni egg practice from within my fields of expertise. Analyzing these concepts from an academic point of view establishes a greater understanding of their significance and validates the impact that they have on the world around us.

HOC: Sorry to ask the obvious, but what is a Yoni Egg?

Star: Absolutely, yoni eggs definitely inspire intrigue! The word yoni is a Sanskrit term that refers to the macrocosm of divine feminine energy as well as the microcosmic lifeforce reflected in the womb, vagina, and vulva. A yoni egg is a sacred instrument that is carved from a healing crystal into the shape of a small egg.

The egg is a symbol of goddess energy, transformation, rebirth, purity, creation, and fertility, and is an expression of the great cosmic egg that exists in creation stories worldwide. The yoni egg is used internally through various meditations and exercises to infuse, strengthen, and activate the yoni with this powerful energy. The specific crystal yoni eggs that I provide and recommend are Nephrite Jade for blessings and prosperity, Rose Quartz to cultivate unconditional love, Clear Quartz to stimulate healing and amplify energy, and Black Obsidian for protection and clearing negativity.

HOC: Thanks for that compelling introduction – what are the benefits of using a Yoni Egg?

Star: The yoni egg practice provides a beautiful marriage of physical and spiritual benefits that are unique to the experience of the individual. This transformational practice is held sacred in its power to activate vaginal reflexology points, engage the pelvic floor, increase sensitivity, strength, and body awareness, awaken orgasmic energy (which is life force energy and not necessarily sexual), inspire expressions of self-love, and cultivate a deep connection with the divine feminine on both a personal and universal level.

I have also observed that through this practice, women have come together and created relationships, alliances, and entire communities that are supportive of one another in growth and development, which is an integral aspect of the health and success of not only the female population but the entire human population as well. This practice also invites the individual on a journey of empowerment through self-discovery, which leads to a stronger sense of self and has a direct impact on the choices that are made. The benefits received through the yoni egg practice have the power to extend beyond the individual and to impact our environment and relations in a positive way.

HOC: Where are you based and how does your environment influence your work?

Star: I am based outside of a small village on the Oregon Coast. I selected this place to live because I consider it to be one of the most beautiful and healing places on the planet. This environment inspires and nourishes me every day. I feel very blessed to live so close to nature. Even if I am not in my office working, the time that I spend at the beach, in the forest, or by the creek side is directly connected to the love and energy that I pour into every single package that I prepare.

One of my favourite things to do is to collect agates along the coastline and include them as gifts with each order. This activity is a meditation for me. For each agate that I pick up, I like to say a little prayer or affirmation for the individual who will receive it. Incorporating practices such as this is incredibly important to me as it facilitates a symbiotic relationship of mutual healing.

HOC: If you weren’t doing what you do now, what other paths could you have taken?

Star: I suppose the possibilities are endless! I have always preferred to be self-employed, so I would imagine that whatever path I found myself on I would find a way to make that work. Before the creation of The Woman Whole, I was considering a master’s program in Women’s Spirituality. I knew that this was the field that I wanted to work in, and I love learning. However, the program I was interested in ended and other options became available to me. Art is another passion of mine and was actually my original major in college. Although I chose not to go down the path of a professional artist, I really value being able to incorporate artistic elements into the work that I do now through various visual outlets such as image and video production. It is hard to predict exactly how my life would have differed if I had not chosen this path. But I am confident that whatever unfolds is meant to be!

HOC: We absolutely love that affirmation! What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Star: My work is what motivates me. By this, I refer to both my business and my own spiritual/personal work, which are intimately intertwined. I am naturally an early riser and a morning person… as long as I don’t have to be anywhere. The dawn is a very magical time, and I like to greet it by taking an hour or two to journal, read, and meditate outdoors.

Working from home allows me the time to take care of myself first before taking on the rest of my day, and I am very thankful for that. Spending quality time with my amazing and magical daughter is also a primary motivation and is the main reason I choose to work from home.

I am also very driven to provide outstanding customer service, and I am passionate about what I do, so there are also mornings when I am answering emails and preparing packages before I can rub the sleep out of my eyes. Of course, I can’t always do that and finding a balance between work and personal time does take a conscious effort.

HOC: What personal achievement of yours means the most to you and why?

Star: The personal achievement that means the most to me is not a specific event, but rather an ability that I have cultivated to alchemize negative into positive. There have been many times throughout my life when I have been underestimated, told that I wouldn’t succeed, or had to start all over again. I have learned to take this negativity, extract the energy from it, and inject that energy into the creation of something positive.

I owe many of my accomplishments in life to adopting this mentality. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do this interview if I had not believed in myself and my inner strength. Perception is the key that gives you the power to transform the word “challenge” from a hardship that is inflicted upon you into a dare to become your most powerful self.

HOC: Entrepreneurial souls are often burning the candles at both ends, what tips do you have for our readers when they are feeling emotionally exhausted?

Star: This is such an important question. It is essential for anyone who is perpetually working to take care of themselves. You won’t have anything to give to others if you are running on empty, and your energy will be depleted if you try.

As entrepreneurs, we are always fighting this battle. Emotional exhaustion happens… and I think it’s important not to feel bad about yourself for experiencing it. What matters is being able to recognize when you need to unplug and relax. Get into nature if you can, spending just a few minutes in the elements can help reboot your brain and give you a whole new perspective.

I also think that it is helpful to set boundaries with yourself. It’s tempting for self-driven people to overwork themselves. But try to set specific times and days that are dedicated to your own personal needs and spending time with the people you love. If you are a person who menstruates, try to respect the first three days of your cycle by not taking on too much and practice as much self-care as possible.

The last bit of advice I’d like to share is to take advantage of downtime! If business is slow for a day or two, take it as a hard-earned vacation. Enjoy that time. Realize that there will always be an ebb and flow, and learn to work in harmony with that natural rhythm.

HOC: What wonderful advice – thanks Star! What’s your ambition for the rest ?

Star: Well, so far this year has been amazing. I am incredibly honoured that House of Coco has selected The Woman Whole for this interview. I have also recently been featured in Tatler Magazine, and will also be in upcoming issues of Vanity Fair as well as London Life Magazines. You can also find my shop featured in Stilorama Luxury Fashion Marketplace.

This has all taken me by surprise. I tend to stay below the radar, I don’t invest in social media too much or have a large following. I focus on my own business and work hard to provide a unique and magical experience for each of my customers, to whom I am forever grateful for. I receive so many beautiful reviews which fill my heart and make all the hard work completely worth it.

For the rest of 2019, I am looking forward to upgrading and expanding both the products and services I provide. I plan on producing more video content and am considering some possible collaborations as well. I am always looking for ways to improve customer experience and am excited to continue to add even more value to each purchase!

To learn more about Yoni eggs and shop visit YoniEgg.life

Connect with Star and The Woman Whole on Instagram at @TheWomanWhole