I need comfort food to get through this lockdown. Before I went vegan, I would be running to the nutella jar, spoon in hand.

The last few weeks have given me an excuse to explore vegan alternatives to Nutella. My mission: to discover spreads which are just as delicious without any of the cruelty.

Some little-known facts about Nutella: Ferrero faced a lawsuit a few years back for claiming, falsely, that Nutella was nutricious and the first two ingredients are sugar and palm oil, NOT hazelnuts.

After a lengthy search, let me give you my top three delicious, slightly more healthy, and vegan Nutella alternatives.

1 – Grecious Tahini with Cocoa

If you like nuts then this one is for you. It is delicious creamy yet totally dairy-free.

Tahini is made from ground sesame seeds, without preservatives or additives. Only 13% of a nutella jar is hazelnuts while a whopping 62% of this Grecious spread is ground sesame seeds.

I love this one on porridge or in a cake – it is a bit too thick and overpowering on toast. A bonus: all the products from Grecious are ethically and sustainably sourced.

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2 – Vego Chocolate Spread

Vegan Alternatives to Nutella

Vegan, organic and palm-oil free, the Vego spread is the closest thing to nutella I have tasted.

22% hazelnuts, plenty of raw cane sugar and shea butter, this is not necessarily the healthiest option. But it sure is yummy.

Get it delivered from www.hollandandbarrett.com.

3 – Raw Cacao Brazilnut Bliss

Just four superfood ingredients: 78% Brazil nuts with agave nectar, cacao powder and hemp oil. This one has a hell of a lot more protein per g than Nutella and raw Brazil nuts come with tons of good-for-you nutrients like selenium and copper.

As well as scoring top marks on the health front, this spread is flavourful and delicious on toast, in puddings or even in homemade ice cream. Only one downside: the oil tends to separate so stir it before you dig in.

Get it delivered from your local stockist – all the details at www.rawvibrantliving.co.uk.

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