#COCOFITNESS: Top Fitness Trends for 2019

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fittest Of Them All?

With flexible working hours and the dark mornings and evenings leading to a lack of motivation, working out at home has never been easier or more convenient with tech. Mirror is at the cutting edge of the future of fitness, known as a a ‘nearly invisible interactive home gym’, when off it’s a full-length mirror, when activated it’s the gateway to any type of fitness class you need. An interactive workout platform which offers classes 24/7, perfectly placed to suit any workout schedule. With cameras and speakers included there are 50 new classes a week and a whole library of on-demand workouts available. In addition to this you can also interact with Mirror, opting in to update your fitness profile to track your progress and your workouts. Not cheap, but in comparison to an ongoing gym membership, it could be justifiable. With real time instruction, the option to include your own soundtrack and an interactive community at your fingertips, this is sure to be a hit with fitness fans.

Credit: Mirror

Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat

Rowing saw a big boom in 2018 and that is set to continue through 2019. Popping up through the country dedicated boutique rowing classes including The Engine Room and Core Collective’s Lift & Row are now readily available. Rowing has been shown to be one of the best exercises you can do boosting aerobic fitness and metabolism in one huge boost. Working 85% of the body’s muscles, that’s a full body work out and cardio session in one.

Credit: The Engine Room London

Shorter Classes, Faster Recovery

Lovers of Savasana rejoice, recovery is a high priority in the fitness world for 2019. Undertaken a mean HIIT class, training for a marathon or sweating it up at Bikram Yoga? We are all used to pushing ourselves in our workouts however research shows that recovery can be one of the most important parts of your daily workout, no matter your favourite way to sweat is. Opt for a shorter class, to ensure reduced cortisol production and more recovery time. Intensify your recovery with floating tanks or the sauna.

Exercising For Your Mental Health

Exercise has always been linked to positive mental health as a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. Known to relieve stress, encourage better sleep patterns and act as a natural mood enhancer through the release of endorphins, fitness trends in 2019 are focusing on enhancing these positive qualities through fitness. Mental and physical fitness will come together in 2019 through apps such as Headspace which offers guided runs with motivation linking into mindfulness.

DNA, What Are You Made Of?

From what food to eat, to tracking your ancestry, our DNA has become the focus of research and a key form of personalisation across industries including fitness. In a race to offer the best and most effective workouts, 2019 sees exercise personalised to your DNA. From the effects on your metabolism and injury prevention to what form of workout is best for you, testing is becoming more accurate and more mainstream. There are a variety of options available to allow the experts to analyse your fitness profile and create a personalised workout plan based on your genetic profile. Usually linked to a corresponding diet plan, you can even take this to the next level with a DNA bootcamp!

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