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Hen Party Food and Drink Ideas to Get the Party Going

Hen Party Food and Drink Ideas to Get the Party Going

Time to get the “hens” together to party until dawn!

July 20th, 2022

Time to get the “hens” together to party until dawn! You’re the party organizer and you don’t want to skimp on anything that can get the party going and keep it that way. While the company ensures the fun time, you want to accompany that with the right food and drink ideas. So, what do you need to know?

How Important is Food?

Food doesn’t have to be a big item in your hen party budget. You should certainly have a few snacks and nibbles on offer, but anything over and above that is a bonus. If you offer a dinner, keep it light – you don’t want everyone dozing off early after a heavy meal!

Mix things up a little between savory and sweet treats and try to have something for everyone including vegetarians and vegans. Keen to add a home-made touch? These chocolate shortbread bites are easy to make and they’re a real treat.

As for presentation and your choice of bites, down-to-earth and relaxed hen party ideas are usually a winner. Think about the way in which the bride-to-be and her friends like to relax and party. It could be a good old-fashioned pizza – but if that’s not their style, adapt your ideas.

Can Hen Parties Be Elegant?

While hen parties are usually more about letting one’s hair down and going out on a razzle, some people prefer something a little more restrained and elegant. In that case, your party snacks take on a different character. Canapes, fresh fruit, and cheeses served with crackers or homemade bread offer a slightly more upscale snacking alternative. Looking for wow factor? How about a chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries for dipping? It’s sure to be among the highlights!

Fabulous Drinks for Hen Parties

While food isn’t usually that central to a successful hen party, drinks certainly are. Adopt a something-for-everyone approach that also includes alcohol-free options for non-drinkers. Cocktails, preferably pink ones, and mocktails are definitely important.

Presentation matters. You’ll either go all out with crystal glasses, hearts, and flowers, or try for a fun look like serving your drinks in mason jars. Top picks include pink lemonade, cranberry juice, pink gin, and pink champagne – but don’t forget to lay on a few basic favorites like beer and red and white wine.

Think Snacks and Refreshments

Hen parties are super-easy to organize because the main focus is on the activities rather than the food. At the same time, you don’t want anyone experiencing hunger-pangs, and if there’s going to be drinking, it’s best not to do it on a completely empty stomach. Snacks fit the bill perfectly.

Drinks are even more important than food at a hen-do, but aside from the alcoholic beverages for sipping, some simple thirst quenchers will help to keep party-goers refreshed and hydrated.

Even when hen-parties are really laid back, you want to add something to make your catering, however minimal, reflect the special occasion. Do that with the presentation and one or two special food and drink items. Smarten it all the way up, or shoot for a fun, bare basics look.

Planning a hen party? Relax! It’s all about fun, and planning can be fun too!



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