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How to Look Effortless 

Effortless beauty is something everyone can achieve. The clue is in the word: less effort will bring you more happiness.

Effortless beauty is something everyone can achieve. The clue is in the word: less effort will bring you more happiness. When other people observe someone that is relaxed and easy-going, they perceive them as more approachable. Opening yourself up to others is how you progress in life, whether socially, romantically or otherwise. Below are some tips to help you achieve an effortless beauty that will make you both look and feel wonderful.

Wardrobe Basics

As simplistic as it might seem at first, the best place to get started lies in what you wear. A person’s clothes speak volumes about them and their personality, so it makes sense that you would want yours to reflect you. That being said, if you’re striving for the effortlessly elegant look, then you need a few basic wardrobe staples. Depending on your habits and what the weather is like where you live, there are some pieces of clothing which are great for creating a variety of versatile outfits. Consider transforming the way you think about your style by trying out the famous capsule wardrobe. Choose colours that go well together and what you think you’ll wear the most. With just a plain shirt, some well-fitting jeans and a pair of impressive shoes, you’re already on your way to proving that you’ve got flair. What’s more, it comes effortlessly.


When you’ve got your simple outfit ready, whatever that might be, it’s time to think about accessories. These will add intrigue to your outfit that elevates it from being plain to catching people’s attention and making them take notice of your personality. Make sure to follow your own tastes; do you like dainty jewellery or something more eye-catching? Finding the right pieces to go with your outfit make it easier to add a touch of elegance to your look quickly. This is especially effective when you’re dressed casually but decide to throw on a pair of sparkly earrings or a statement necklace. Pearl necklaces, in particular, are a classic for a reason. Once you’ve learned how pearl grading works and that you’re decorated with something special, you’ll look and feel effortlessly glamorous.


It’s all very well dressing and accessorising like a chic Hollywood star, but if you don’t feel the part, then you’ll look uncomfortable too. Taking care of your body and mind is a perfect foundation for achieving the effortless look. When your body is fuelled properly and receives plenty of exercise, it improves in a multitude of ways. Health can be a worrying aspect of many people’s lives, so taking care of yourself can alleviate that stress and make you truly feel as if beauty is effortless. Opt for minimal makeup to reduce irritation and to let your casual, unique beauty shine through.

There’s really no secret to it. Narrow down your clothing options to a few favourites, choose some eye-catching accessories, and keep yourself mentally and physically refreshed. Soon enough you’ll feel the strain of life lift from your shoulders, and you’ll exude effortlessness.