The Booze Tales

The Booze Tales

  Here at House of Coco we love indulging in a sparkling beverage at the end of a long day and we’re equally enthralled by the stories behind some of

October 21st, 2018

Here at House of Coco we love indulging in a sparkling beverage at the end of a long day and we’re equally enthralled by the stories behind some of favourite indie booze brands. Come with us as we get intoxicated by these booze tales from around the world…

Old Curiosity Distillery, Edinburgh

When Hamish quit the family drinks business to travel in North America, little did he suspect that learning from a medicine man in the forest would trigger an obsession with botanicals and lead him to take a punt on a derelict glasshouse on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Moving his family out of the city, he had the vision of building a home for them on an enchanting piece of land at the foot of the Pentland Hills and a better life centered around nature. He now spends his days wild swimming at sunrise and working with some of 600 herbs and flowers grown at his Secret Herb Garden to create naturally colour-changing gins. Look out for their partnership with Marks & Spencer’s on a British Rose and British Lavender gins available up and down the country and also for dandelions, Hamish’s good luck herb.

GEM & BOLT, Mexico

The magical realism of Mexico resonated with bohemian artists AdrinAdrina and Elliott Coon so much so they wanted to share it with the world through their own brand of mezcal. It’s a mystical feminine spirit thanks to ‘Agave’, the female deity combined with an infusion with damiana historically used by the Maya, Aztec, Zapotec culture as a heart opener. Take a sip of GEM&BOLT and be transported to a far-away, magical fiesta, saturated in colour and stories. Mezcal is thought of as medicinal by many Oaxacan people, so no excuses!

Edinburgh Gin 1670, Edinburgh

After 12 months of experimenting with some of the 13,000 species of plants grown at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Head Distiller of Edinburgh Gin, David Wilkinson chose six botanicals fresh from the garden to go into the distillery’s 2018 gin release. Named after the year that ‘The Botanics’, as the garden is affectionately referred to, was established, this gin celebrates the importance of botanicals with its unique, fresh taste. This distillery has created a contender for its garden party Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur – now available in handy cans for all your picnic needs.

GRL PWR SOUR, Portland

We recently chatted with the unstoppable Emma McIlroy, CEO of Wildfang, the activist, feminist clothing smashing the patriarchy from Portland who told us tales of a special collaboration with 10 Barrel Brewing Co. The GRL PWR Sour beer was dreamt up, brewed and labelled by an all-girl gang. “We wanted to make a statement about women’s empowerment,” said Emma and the pineapple mint sour certainly does that with a tangy shakedown to the traditionally male-dominated brewing industry. To find out more about the creative scene in Portland and the incredible work of Wildfang, head over to the ‘Girl Boss’ series on

Anna Willatt

Anna Willatt

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