Transform Your Lounge with a Home Video Wall

If you are wondering how to transform your lounge, then consider having a home video wall. [...]

If you are wondering how to transform your lounge, then consider having a home video wall. Video walls are arrays of high-quality screens that are placed together to form a larger screen. They usually come in different displays, including LCD, LED, projection screens, rear projection screens, and direct view LED panels.

A video wall can play an essential role in your home in entertaining your guests. It serves both a design and functional purpose in a living space. The walls are built using cutting edge technology and are known to offer high picture quality. They are usually light in weight and easy to install as well as to dismantle. A video wall is an elegant and simple way of making your home suitable for different events. From modern artwork to photography, video walls provide a way to display amazing art. One can change the artwork based on their mood and depending on the theme they want to achieve.

Hosting a party at home can be overwhelming. Besides sending invites and preparing food a lot of time is consumed while preparing the room to look good. If you wish to have something special and unique, consider using video walls. They enable you to change the appearance of your living room often in a simpler and cheaper way bringing a whole new dimension to your lounge. In addition, with a video wall, you can comfortably enjoy a movie at night without having to move out. You can also operate a home office with the wall serving as an excellent communication tool at your own convenience.

LCD video walls

LCD video walls are designed to provide high-quality images. They come in different sizes, and resolutions, featuring the narrow bezels. They consist of multiple designed LCDs that have flexible mounting systems. These video walls are specifically designed for long term use. The LED screens are thinner and lighter than LCD screens.

LED video walls

LED technology is used to create impressive video walls and is increasingly gaining popularity across the world. LED displays have the best picture quality. In comparison to the traditional indoor and outdoor LED video walls, which were mainly linked to the entertainment industry, LED is now conquering the market. It offers high resolution and excellent image quality. Direct view LED technology creates the most impressive video walls.

What makes a great video wall?

Here are some of the top quality considerations for a video wall:

1. High-quality images

Resolution is a crucial factor to consider when displaying large images. It’s worth choosing a high-resolution video wall that makes videos appear as clear as possible. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you install video wall digital screens of the highest quality with a high pixel ratio to enjoy watching high-quality videos.

2. Simple installation and maintenance

While selecting a video wall, look for one that is easy to install and dismantle as per your desires. Go for a video wall that is both flexible and easily upgraded. This will save you time as well as cost. You should also ensure that your video wall is calibrated correctly.

A video wall is a great addition to any modern home. This is the reason why video walls are a growing trend among technology enthusiasts who want to score additional points in their visitor’s eyes. Video walls have been common for many years in newsrooms, television studios and sports bars. Yet, they have become a frequent addition to residential properties as interior design features. A video wall can transform your home, and it leaves room for creativity when it comes to design and layout. Watching movies or TV is one of the main purposes of a lounge. With a video wall, you can vary the conventional one screen with a sofa opposite it arrangement common in many lounges. The video wall can transform this space from a comfortable living area into a luxurious home theater.

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