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Vintage Farmhouse Furniture: The What’s, Where’s, How’s and Why’s

Vintage Farmhouse Furniture: The What’s, Where’s, How’s and Why’s

Your space is a blank canvas, and you are the artist.

September 21st, 2020

Your space is a blank canvas, and you are the artist. It is up to you to decide how you want to set up your space – sleek, practical and modern, vintage and grand, or perhaps, a mix of both. Anything you wish and feel can be your style statement. The way you create your living space is completely your choice and vision. How can you do it? What to keep in mind? What are the dos and the don’ts? Let us find out.

What Makes Any Furniture ‘Vintage’?

While nowhere in the definition it is described accurately, many vintage furniture owners and dealers would tell you that any piece of furniture that is dated anywhere between 30 to 100 years is termed as vintage. Anything older than 100 years is termed as antique furniture. While vintage furniture is often linked to words like ‘old’, ‘high-maintenance’, one must appreciate the nostalgia and heritage that these furniture pieces hold.

Vintage All The Way.

Vintage furniture is not just made to be kept inside the house; there are vintage furniture pieces for patios, decor and farmhouses. Vintage farmhouse furniture will add a more rustic and country feel to your home and is increasingly popular.

Ideally, Vintage Furniture Should Always be Purchased from Credible Sources.

Shopping vintage furniture is very similar to being in an art gallery. There are several places from where you can retrieve these pieces.

1. Auctions – either live or online.

2. Flea markets – often for smaller pieces of furniture or casual decor.

3. Garage sales.

4. Second-hand shops.

5. Antique stores.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Vintage Furniture.

1. Research before you buy any piece of furniture. The best bet for you is to buy it in person.

2. Look out for and buy from a credible source or supplier. It is always better to check the background of the person supplying these pieces of furniture.

3. Research the price range of the available pieces. With vintage furniture being in high demand, it is often overpriced. Consulting is always a good option.

4. Check the quality of the furniture that you are looking to buy. Ensure the piece is sturdy; after all, it is a piece of furniture you would be using every day.

Why Is Vintage A Good Choice?

Buying vintage furniture is environmentally friendly. Bet you didn’t know that! If you did, it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back. It is one of the best ways to furnish your new home since you prevent old, discarded furniture from ending up in the landfill. It also helps you personally, as adding vintage pieces to your home is healthy. This is because the furniture is already done off-gassing the formaldehyde or other toxic substances present in the finishes and glues of the body of the piece. And if at all these pieces need any refinishing according to your needs, you can make use of non-toxic finishes after some research or expert advice.

How To Take Care Of Your Vintage Furniture?

Keeping your vintage furniture as good as new, as ironic as it sounds, is quite difficult unless done right.

Make sure to use supplier-recommended cleaning solutions for your vintage furniture. Avoiding the use of bleach, and industry-grade cleaning liquids can be good for the material of your vintage furniture. Make sure to take care of the blotches immediately because vintage furniture is more susceptible to permanent staining. It is ideal if you call a professional to take care of your vintage furniture when necessary.

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