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  • #CocoChristmas: Turkey – What Turkey?
#CocoChristmas:  Turkey – What Turkey?

#CocoChristmas: Turkey – What Turkey?

Is this Christmas the one where you walk away from turkey, you don’t do pheasant, and you aren’t into goose?

December 10th, 2018

Is this Christmas the one where you walk away from turkey, you don’t do pheasant, and you aren’t into goose? If this is you, then #TeamCoco are with you wholeheartedly. We say go for it, take the plunge towards another meat, and order something unexpected for Christmas Day 2018.

Alternatively, if your heart is set on the traditional turkey or goose, then look to invest in a different meat for New Years Day, or for a cold winter’s evening between Christmas and New Year.

We are all for the unusual here at House of Coco Magazine, and what better way to indulge than with an award-winning Beef Wellington, Easy Carve Carvery Rib Roast, or Slow Cooked Beef Shin, and where better to order one than from Scotland’s finest butcher, Donald Russell.

For over 40 years, Donald Russell has upheld the highest standards of craft butchery. They hold a Royal Warrant and are renowned for the quality of their hand cut steaks and roasts. All the meat comes from traditionally reared, grass-fed cattle from the very best British farms. Their low stress lifestyle, natural diet of fresh green grass allows the beef to develop a full, rounded flavour and fine marbling. Gentle walking around the fields builds healthy muscle tone – essential for the best, finished texture. The result is world class, richly marbled, flavoursome beef every single time.

The master butchers at Donald Russell cut the old-fashioned way: by hand. They believe that only the touch of an experienced butcher can get the very best from any piece of meat. This care and craftsmanship means the eating quality of the meat simply can’t get better.
So, whether you are having an alternative Christmas Day with a glorious rib of beef, or you’re tucking into beef wellington on Boxing Day, then venture online to Donald Russell.

The Beef Wellington is a perfect combination of beef fillet with duxelle mushroom and tarragon layers and flaky puff pastry, or servable with a truffle alternative layer. These are handmade and hand finished by Donald Russell’s expert craft butchers using grass-fed British beef fillet steak. From £55 per kg.

The Rib Roast is Rib-eye steak kept in a whole roast, and deboned by our expert butchers for easy carving. This is a Great Taste three star awards winner, so a sure fired success for the dining table at any time of year. From £20.80 per kg.

The Slow Cooked Beef Shin has already been slow-cooked by Donald Russell for 13 hours, bringing intense tenderness to the meat, and allowing for simple finishing off in your own oven from frozen with enough to feed 8 people. From £9 per Kg.

Search for Donald Russell online for a full list of all the meats they supply to order.

Rachel McAlley

Rachel McAlley

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